Skilled Trades
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  • Lakewood Public Schools launched an initiative that we believe will help our great State of Michigan.  We know that there is high demand in the skilled trades workforce and we have a plan to help address the predicted shortfall of qualified workers in the skilled trades profession. Baby Boomers occupy a sizable majority of skilled trades positions in our country and, as they retire, Lakewood High School will be positioned to help fill the gaps right here in our community, and beyond. 

    Lakewood Public Schools STEP Program (School To Employment Partners) is an initiative designed for Lakewood students and businesses to partner up to establish authentic training programs for students, positioning them to fill the gap in skilled trades and vocational occupations.  Lakewood High School will be pairing individual students who are on the skilled trades track with local businesses to work on-site and be mentored by skilled trades workers.  Our students will receive the credits they need toward graduation through their experience in the STEP Program.  Rather than facing a serious crunch in the coming years, local employers will have trained apprentices ready to fill the labor shortages.  

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