Principal Duits

  • Dear Lakewood Early Childhood Parents:

    My name is Jodi Duits and I am honored to serve as principal at Lakewood Early Childhood Center.  I love working with children and watching them blossom. I have a daughter, Johanna and a son CJ. Husband, Chris, is a Lakewood graduate and is also tall like Mrs. Duits! During the summer I enjoy taking pontoon boat rides on Jordan Lake and swimming. Pizza is my favorie food and I love candy! I am also a HUGE Michigan State fan. I am extremely motivated and energetic and always put forth as much effort as possible to help students grow and succeeed. I believe that school + home = SUCCESS.

    Please don't hesitate to contact me should you have a question or need assistance.  I am always available to the parents of our "Little Vikings!"

    Lakewood Early Childhood Center
    223 West Broadway
    Woodland, Michigan 48849

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Mrs. Jodi Duits