Veteran of the Game - Dennis Sauers, Sr.
    Lakewood Public Schools
    October 25, 2019

  • Mr. Dennis Sauers, Sr. 

    U.S. Army
    1956   - 1958

    Mr. Dennis Sauers, Sr., is a Lake Odessa graduate, Class of 1956.  Upon graduation, at age 18, Mr. Sauers, Sr., along with nine Lake Odessa Classmates, answered the call to serve in the U.S. Army and the U.S. Navy.  He began his Army career in training at Fort Sill and Fort Carson military bases. There he gained expertise as a Military Occupation Specialty 101 Flash Ranging Crewman.   These men were the “eyes and the ears” of artillery, letting artillery know where to drop their rounds.   Dennis Sauers Sr. was I Corps - Korea 1st Observation Battalion.  Mr. Sauers is the recipient of the Good Conduct Medal and the Korean Occupation Medal. Mr. Sauers left his high school sweetheart, Barbara Goodemoot, only to marry her a year after returning home.  They married in 1959, celebrating a 60-year history.  He was a Lake Odessa High School athlete, playing football, basketball, baseball, and track. 

    Serving our country is a long-standing family practice, having 12 uncles who served in WW2, Korea, the Airforce, Coast Guard, Calvary, one a P.O.W. in Germany, and one a pilot killed over Sipan.  The commitment continued with a grandson wo served in the Airforce in Iraq and Qu Wait. He and his wife raised 4 children, all Lakewood alumnus, and now enjoy 14 grandchildren, and 15 great grandchildren. He is joined this evening on the field by his grandson, Dennis Sauers, III, who is a Viking Football Player.  After his military career, Mr. Sauers worked for Capital Airlines; the State of Michigan; Wyeth, Ayrest Laboratories, and Security and Pennock Hospital.  Mr. Sauers is a lifelong member of the Lake Odessa VFW Post and of our community. 

    Mr. Sauers Senior, please accept gratitude from those you have helped to defend.   We stand united with you.  We honor your commitment and the sacrifices of all veterans, their families, and loved ones. Lakewood Public Schools will forever be grateful to Mr. Dennis Sauers, Sr.